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Vacuum pump service

Vacuum chamber manufacturing

Atlas Copco and Edwards Vacuum vacuum pumps and spare parts distributor

Solutions from experts

Thanks to our experts' decades of experimental and technological knowledge, we are able to serve both institutional laboratories and industrial companies.

Finding answers to complex problems

Whether you need a vacuum supply for an industrial application or a controlled experimental environment, we can provide a complete solution, whether it's a single point of service for a machine or a central vacuum system for an entire factory.

Reliable equipments

Edwards Vacuum and Atlas Copco have decades of professional experience. Their innovative products and solutions are used in applications ranging from food processing to space travel. Their market-leading machines and equipment help to optimise productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Repair of vacuum pumps

Repair and maintenance of vacuum equipments

Vákuumszivattyú karbantartása

Whether you need immediate assistance or a long-term, full-service partner, you can rely on us for both.

We offer long-term service contracts to our partners.

Vákuumkamra szerelés

You can also contact us if you're looking for a partner to deal with occasional breakdowns.

Design and manufacture of vacuum chambers and vacuum technology machines

Mostly, we like to think of ourselves as specialists in large vacuum chambers.

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About us

SoliVac Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2011 by engineers experienced in vacuum technology.

Important milestones in the life of our company.
2022 in numbers
Our core business is the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of large vacuum chambers and complete vacuum systems.

With our nationwide service support, we are happy to serve our customers beyond the warranty period, even for individual orders or within the framework of a maintenance and service contract.

We also undertake the purchase and installation of Edwards and Atlas Copco equipment.
Our experts have decades of experimental and technological knowledge.
They are passionate about vacuum technology.

Certificate for the most financially stable companies.
It is a great honour for our company to be listed at the highest ranks on the basis of Dun & Bradstreet's objective company rating.

We are a proud member of the Hungarian Space Cluster. 

Our partners

Edwards Vacuum is a British multinational manufacturer of vacuum and ultra-high vacuum pumps. It is based in Burgess Hill and has been a division of Atlas Copco since 2014. Edwards holds over 1700 patents and is a leading supplier of dry (oil-free) vacuum pumps, equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, pumps for scientific research, lyophilisation and many other vacuum technologies for industry. Its pumps also remove contaminants from CERN's Large Hadron Collider, for example.

The global industrial company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They employ around 49 000 people and have customers in more than 180 countries. The Atlas Copco Group is a world leader in the manufacture of compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, power tools and assembly units. The Atlas Copco Group has dozens of brands worldwide, including Edwards Vacuum.

GREATZ Elektromotor 2003 Ltd. has a nationally established customer base in the field of repair and maintenance of electric rotating machinery, pumps and gearboxes. Their services are performed at a high quality level. They strive to protect the environment as much as possible in the materials they use, and are therefore committed to energy efficiency.


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